2. Carbohydrate

THE main fuel source for the body during high-intensity exercise, carbohydrates are vital for both training and performance. Carbohydrates supply the energy needed to allow your muscles to contract when you are boxing, and therefore are vitally important during competition. Therefore you need to fuel up ready for a fight to be able to supply energy to your muscles, so they can keep working during the last few seconds of the last few rounds. However, this nutrient can easily be stored as fat when too much is consumed, and will ruin your body composition (physique). Therefore you should consume carbohydrates on a ‘need to use, need to eat’ basis. i.e. a hard training session = 250g or more of carbs, while a light training session or day off would require 150g or less carbs.

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Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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