READING, Pennsylvania heavyweight Travis Kauffman told Boxing News in November how he had to defeat Chris Arreola to prove he is “world championship material”. The two rumbled this past Saturday (Dec. 12th) in San Antonio, and though Kauffman did not get the win – instead dropping a close, debatable 12-round split decision to Arreola – the 30-year-old is rightfully proud of his showing and Kauffman believes he did show the world he is indeed world championship material.

Kauffman decked his friend/former sparring partner in the third-round yet was out-worked in the later rounds. Kauffman says he purposely took rounds 10 and 11 off, yet strongly feels he still did enough to have won the fight.

Here Kauffman, 30-2(22) speaks with BN:

Q: Congratulations on a great fight. You never got the win but you feel you should have done?

Travis Kauffman:  “Yes, I felt I had the fight won. I took the 10th and the 11th rounds off but I still thought I won the fight. I won the 12th round. I thought I was so far ahead that he needed a KO to be able to get a win. I’ve watched the fight three times now and I have it eight rounds to four in my favour, or maybe seven to five.”

Q: Will you push for a rematch, or will you look to fight someone else?

T.K:  “Whoever Al Haymon wants me to fight I will fight. Bigger things are yet to come for me, definitely.”

Q: A fight between you and Anthony Joshua would be very interesting.

T.K:  “I would love that fight.”

Q: Would you come to the UK for it?

T.K:  “Again, it all depends on who Al Haymon wants me to fight. But if the money is right, we will make the fight happen.”