MAKING a good entrance is an art in itself. Get it right, and you will turbo charge not only yourself, but the crowd around you. Get it wrong, and you will be on the back foot before you’ve even disrobed. Over the years we’ve been treated to some truly epic efforts, as well as some that turned out hugely embarrassing. There are those who subvert expectation with unlikely songs, those who genuinely mange to intimidate their foes and those who simply make a beeline for the ring.

In the modern era, there seems to be two schools of thought: Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions series has done away with ring walks all together, whilst in the UK the trend seems to be towards having ever more live performers step into the ring before the main event. As such, we take a look at ten ring walks that are memorable for very different reasons.

Click below for 10 of the most notable ringwalks in boxing

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