Charles Brewer, former IBF super-middleweight ruler:

“While I believe this will be a somewhat competitive fight, I’m picking Mayweather as the victor. I personally find there are too many fault’s in Manny’s defence, that I feel Floyd will exploit. Don’t get me wrong, this will by no means be a walk in the park for Floyd; Manny has tasted defeat and will probably feel he has nothing to lose in this fight, and that mindset is one of a very dangerous opponent!  But my pick is Mayweather by majority decision.”

Montell Griffin, former WBC light-heavyweight king:

“I think that at this point in their careers, I have to pick Floyd. I think they have both declined a little and Pacquiao’s flaws will be shown in this fight. Also, Floyd adapts to styles better than anyone.”

Iran Barkley, former middleweight, super-middleweight and light-heavyweight boss:

“Floyd will beat him [Pacquiao]. And they’ll both make big, big money. There is no way Pacquiao can win that fight. I think Floyd Mayweather wins the fight easy!”

Ivan Robinson, former lightweight contender and two-time conqueror of Arturo Gatti:

“I think Pacquiao beats Floyd. Styles make fights and I think Floyd’s defence has gotten a little soft. And Manny Pacquiao could always punch. I think Pacquiao’s stance, his combinations and his will to win will upset Floyd. I don’t see a KO though.”

Clinton Woods, former IBF light-heavyweight champion:

“It’s Floyd Mayweather on points for me. I think he is too big and too skilful. Actually, I think Mayweather might win by a late KO.”

Harold “The Shadow” Knight, former super-featherweight contender and former co-trainer of Lennox Lewis:

“It’s hard to go against Mayweather. Still, it’s not going to be easy. I feel Mayweather has all the tools to win, but he also has early-rounds problems with a southpaw, until he figures them out after around four rounds. But here lies the problem: Pacquiao throws punches in bunches and from all angles – he is awkward.  Then again, no fighter is the same after being knocked out the way Pac-Man was [by Juan Manuel Marquez] Then again still, Mayweather doesn’t take chances and he is not a devastating puncher. I like Mayweather; he is fresher, even if his legs don’t have the same bounce [they used to have]. Pacquiao will not be able to hit Mayweather like he hit his other opponents. I go for Mayweather by close decision. However, if it is very close, they might do a Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield at Madison Square Garden [when the fight was ruled a hugely controversial draw]!”

Thomas Hearns, former multi-weight king and all-time great:

“I’m glad that fight is coming up, but I tell you this; there is no way that fight will top the fights me and [Marvin] Hagler and [Ray] Leonard had! I don’t care how much they’re getting paid. Their fight will not reach that status, no way. I have nothing bad to say about Mayweather or Pacquiao, they’re both great fighters. Mayweather is smart. I just don’t know if Pacquiao can match what Mayweather does in the ring.”

Sergio Mora, former WBC light-middleweight champion:

“I think earlier in their careers, Pacquiao could have challenged and possibly gotten the better of Mayweather (Mayweather on a bad night, that is). I think Floyd is one of the most naturally gifted, self disciplined fighters in boxing history. I don’t think this 2015 version of Manny Pacquiao  can beat Floyd Mayweather – especially with all the stringent, Olympic style blood testing being administered. It’s Mayweather by decision for me.”

Glen Johnson, former IBF light-heavyweight ruler:

“I believe Mayweather will win the fight by unanimous decision. Pacquiao isn’t fighting with the energy he had five years ago, when he had the best chance he had of beating Mayweather. That’s the kind of urgency he needs now in order for him to beat Mayweather. He will lose the fight, he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Mayweather.”

Jay Deas, trainer of current WBC heavyweight king Deontay Wilder:

“Mayweather by decision. The things people don’t realise about Floyd are that’s he’s stronger than you think and he hits harder than you think. If he didn’t have sting in his punches guys would run through him, but they don’t. The respect his power, like Canelo [Alvarez] did. The other thing is Floyd makes you work harder than you’re used to working. Watch the first-round Vs. [Shane] Mosley; Mosley is a veteran but he’s burning energy like it’s going out of style. At the end of the round, (trainer) Nazim [Richardson] told him, ‘I need you to calm down!’ Floyd is so cool and calm, if he were a car, he’d operate at 2rpm. That’s why they wear out against him in fights and he takes over.

“He makes his opponents fight at a higher, more intensive level, and they really don’t know why. It’s kind of like a guy who jogs a 5K run by himself every day and never gets tired. Put 30 runners around him in a 5K race and he’ll get very tired due to the anxiety and extra energy he’s exerting. This is what Floyd does, he keeps his composure while burning you down. I think it’s a close fight for eight rounds and then Floyd takes over.

“I would also add that being a good, crisp puncher and being a KO puncher are two different things. Floyd will get your attention, even if he doesn’t knock you out. Also, do you remember how much bigger Floyd was than [Juan Manuel] Marquez? He looked a division bigger and he fought like it. I think he’ll be the much bigger guy here as well. If I had to predict the scores, they will be something like this: 116-112, 115-112 and 115-113, all for Floyd.”

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