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Wayne McCullough: David Price must fix his problems before he fights again

Wayne McCullough outlines the issues facing David Price as he looks to rebuild

If I trained him he would be ready for 15 rounds and wouldn't run out of steam

UP to February 2013 many people thought David Price was the future of heavyweight boxing. He was undefeated in 15 fights and had beaten and stopped some British names like Audley Harrison, Sam Sexton, Matt Skelton and John McDermott. Those four names were his last four wins before everything came crashing down. 

American former world title challenger Tony Thompson came to David's home city on February 23 and shocked everyone by knocking out Price in the second round. 

Was this just a fluke? 

Price got his chance five months later to redeem himself, again with home advantage. This time it looked like the first loss to Thompson was indeed a fluke when Price knocked him down in the second round. But Price punched himself out trying to stop Thompson and he was able to get back in the fight, taking over and forcing a stoppage of his own in the fifth round. 

The media had a field day at his expense!

However, if Price is going to get back into the ring he will have to make some big changes. I think he can come back if he gets his head straight. He needs to be taught how to block shots with his hands, tilt his head to take the impact off hard punches and his balance also needs to be worked on because it is way off. If I trained him I would work on all these problems as well as his conditioning. He would be ready for 15 rounds and he wouldn't run out of steam.

He needs to get the right fight to get back in, not an easy fight, but a tough enough fight that he's supposed to win but will get tested. To do this though, he needs to fix all of his problems.

He is still young enough and I believe he can come back from his back to back losses if he strong enough, mentally and physically.

But if he isn't, it might be the end for him. 

Author : Wayne McCullough


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