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The scorecards were kind to Carl Froch before he stopped George Groves

46 out of 46 boxing writers had Groves ahead before controversial finish

CONTROVERSIAL endings in boxing matches have been going on since the sport began. To this day, and just about every week, you will read about or watch a fight that has a controversial ending. Saturday night at the Phones 4 U Arena, Manchester 20,000 fans witnessed one of the most controversial conclusions in a British boxing history as referee Howard Foster stopped George Groves 1-32 of the ninth round in his battle against Carl Froch for the WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles.

Groves was no doubt was under pressure from the champion at the time of the stoppage but was swinging punches back before Foster jumped in to signal the end. Straight away the boos from the crowd started, Groves protested at the decision and seemed to be fine as Foster tried to usher him to his corner. Froch celebrated his hard fought win that saw him floored heavily in the first from a right hand that would have knocked out many men. Froch to his credit got up, although very shaky, and managed to get to the bell to end the round.
At the pre-fight press conference Groves told Froch his game plan for the first three rounds. He was planning to catch Froch with two right hands in the first round. I don't think anyone expected one of those right hands to floor Froch so heavily and nearly end the fight. Froch is a warrior and somehow got up and fought back but something didn't look right with "The Cobra." He looked slower than usual and he just couldn't get his punches off. There is no doubt Groves is the faster man but what could have surprised Froch was that Groves stood right in front of Froch actually pushing him back with his jab and right hand, again something Groves told Froch at the press conference.
As the fight continued Groves was landing the bigger punches and continued to push Froch back. Froch would still have his moments but Groves would always answer straight back with his quicker punches. After eight rounds I had Groves 78-73 up (See Full Card Below). Groves was tiring as "The Cobra" took the eighth but the challenger did not look on the brink of defeat. In the ninth both traded huge shots but it was the champion that came out on top as he hurt Groves steering him to the ropes as he jumped in with his hurtful combinations. Groves fought back and tried to hold but Froch landed again and Groves dipped. This is probably why Howard Foster stopped the fight but as Sky Sports' Ed Robinson said afterwards "Froch was hurt more in the first round than Groves was in the ninth."
If the fight would have continued then controversy might have struck anyway, as two of the judges only had Groves one point ahead (76-75) after eight, while the other had it 78-73. This angered many of the fans on the social network platforms as many had Groves 78-73 up, 6-2 in rounds  and you can see below that most of the written press scored similarly.
Below is my scorecard along with 46 press scores who all had Groves winning at the time of stoppage. The press average score has also been added.

Bobby Hunter's Scorecard
Round 1.... 10-8 Groves.....extra point for Groves due to Knockdown Scored
Round 2.... 10-9 Groves
Round 3.... 10-9 Groves
Round 4.... 10-9 Groves
Round 5.... 9-10 Froch
Round 6.... 10-9 Groves
Round 7.... 10-9 Groves
Round 8.... 9-10 Froch
TOTAL : 78-73 Groves at the time of stoppage
Press Scores

Wolfgand Schiffbauer (Sturm-Promotions) : 78-73 Groves
Corey Quincy (BL Boxing) : 78-73 Groves
Cliff Rold (BoxingScene) : 78-73 Groves
Boxing Opinions : 78-73 Groves
Daniel Vano (CheckHookBoxing) : 77-74 Groves
Adam Abramowitz (SaturdayNight Boxing) : 77-74 Groves
Shaun Brown (Boxing-Monthly) : 78-73 Groves
Alex Morris (BoxingAsylum) : 78-73 Groves
Mike Coppinger (USA Today) : 77-74 Groves
Dan Rafael (ESPN) : 79-72 Groves
John Wharton (Brit Box Magazine) : 78-73 Groves
Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) : 78-73 Groves
Matt Christie (Boxing News) : 78-74 Groves
David Greisman (BoxingScene) : 77-74 Groves
Ron Lewis (The Times) : 77-74 Groves
Tim Starks (The Queensberry Rules) : 78-73 Groves
Kurt Ward (BoxingAsylum) : 78-73 Groves
Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) : 79-72 Groves
The Boxing Tribune : 78-73 Groves
Danny Flexen (Boxing News) : 77-74 Groves
Paul Daley (TopClassBoxing) : 78-73 Groves
Rachel Aylett (RingNews24) : 78-74 Groves
Steve Bunce (Boxnation TV) : 78-73 Groves
Alex Marasco (TopClassBoxing) : 79-71 Groves
Jamie Borne (TopClassBoxing) : 78-73 Groves
Stevie Adams (TopClassBoxing) : 78-73 Groves
Jim Watt (Sky Sports TV) : 78-73 Groves
Victor M Salazar (ThaBoxingVoice) : 78-73 Groves
Pro Boxing : 77-74 Groves
Steve Kim (Maxboxing) : 78-73 Groves
Ryan Bivins (SweetBoxing) : 78-73 Groves
ForzaBoxing : 78-73 Groves
Lyle Fitzsimmons (BoxingScene) : 76-75 Groves
Ciaran Shanks (Irvine Times) : 79-72 Groves
Matthew Mojica (TheFightSource) : 77-74 Groves
Corey Erdman (Wealth TV) : 78-73 Groves
Darren Velasco (FightDomain) : 77-74 Groves : 78-73 Groves
Christopher Carlson (RopeaDopeRadio) : 78-73 Groves
Ryan Maquinana (BoxingScene) : 77-74 Groves :78-73 Groves
Kasim Aslam (UKFighthype) : 78-73 Groves
FightScene SouthAfrica : 78-73 Groves
Ramon Aranda (3MoreRounds) : 77-74 Groves : 77-74 Groves
Beau Denison (TheBoxingTruth) : 78-74 Groves

Author : Bobby Hunter
Phil Sutcliffe

Dear all - don't have a view on the stoppage because I couldn't find the fight anywhere free. However, ever since Froch's Kessler fight I've had the gut feeling he should retire and this kind of brave, still in someways brilliant, yet terribly vulnerable performance confirms it. He's been terrific. But remember Calzaghe quitting for good after being dropped in the first round of his last two fights? Wise man and Froch should do the same with respect, honour and hosannas ensuing from all sides. And maybe Groves is now better equipped to take on the peculiar qualities of Andrew Ward? All the best Phil

16:55 - Sunday, 24 November 2013
Boxing Fan

What a disgraceful Decision. Froch's attitude was just as bad.

16:47 - Monday, 25 November 2013


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